Who we are?

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 Thao Dan was officially established with legal entity in 2008
it had been operated since 1992

Our Vision:
We strive for a society, where all children live happily and grow up in safe and healthy environment.

Thao Dan's Values:

.We strives to an equal society where children have their own rights
.We thinks that each individual should be able to develop his or her potential when the opportunity comes along.
.We believes each individual can and will actively contribute to the community if he has a chance to do so
.We believes that Trust and Cooperation is the basic for your collective success
.Sustainability of Development Activities are hightly valued.

Cô Oanh trong lễ ra mắt Thảo Đàn
Mrs. Oanh at Thao Dan's Establishment Ceremony
Thao Dan's mission:
Thao Dan is a grass-roots social organization responsible for caring and supporting children in precarious situations. We create opportunities for these children to reintergrate into their family and society, promoting respect and helping to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Thao Dan's Aim:
Our Aim is to support the adolescents living in the street in Ho Chi Minh through our available services. We also aim to improve the often dangerous conditions in which they live or work with realistic survical skill against the natural adversity of life on the street. Finally, we all to raise our organizational capabilities to enable us to work more effectively with and for more children.


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